I Hate My Job

Ugh. It hasn’t always been this way. I used to like my job, and even enjoyed it. Sure it’s not something I dreamed about as a kid, but like every job I’ve had I found things in it that I was able to enjoy. Heck, I even came up with a way to make my job title sound fun. I’m not a pest control technician…I’m a bug assassin, that’s cool, right? Over the past year though I’ve slowly been growing less and less happy with my job, and lately it’s dropping pretty near hatred and abhorrence. I’ve finally gotten fed up enough with it to take some steps, and am in the process of negotiating my leaving with my boss, who is being a great help. It’s nice to know that my years of hard work weren’t for naught.

Leaving this job inevitably leads to the question of what my new one will be, and as for that, your guess is as good as mine. I’ve been putting some thought (and a little, but not near enough, effort) into figuring out exactly what it is that I want to be doing with my life, but I’m not getting anywhere fast. I’ve worked up some general aspects that have been a consistently satisfying and fulfilling part of the various jobs that I’ve had in the past. I’m hoping that by following this unifying thread between the quite varied industries I’ll be able to work up a specific job profile that will be perfect for me. After that I’ve just got to shoot that profile out to everyone that I know and get them to pass it on as well, in the hopes that some people will know of jobs that fit that profile that I can then target specifically.

See, I’ve got this wacky idea about work. I believe it’s not just possible, but feasible to find a job where you can be happy, where you can feel fulfilled, and where you can use the skills and talents that God has gifted you with. While the overwhelming majority of the world seems to feel that work is just a drudgery that you have to trudge through in order to earn money to live your life (don’t get me started on those who prefer to live off the money others earn) I feel that there’s a better way, and I’m intent on finding it.

Judging by my actions so far I’m not overly intent on finding it, but I’m getting there. It’s been a pretty rough couple of months to start this year out, but things are getting better. It feels good to be making some progress on my current job, even if that progress is working on ending it; and I’ve been getting some work done around the house sorting through boxes so we don’t have as much stuff to move in a few months. I’ve just got to keep this progress up while I soldier on through the last month or two at my current job. Big changes are coming, and I’m ready for them……..at least mentally………kinda.

I hope.


~ by Jason B on March 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “I Hate My Job”

  1. man…that stinks, but in a good way I guess. Life is always full of surprises. I’ve got a lot going on in this arena as well, so I feel ya man.

  2. Hi there.

    I myself am going through a major career / job life change at the moment.

    I really do wish you the best and wish you loads of luck.

    Hang on in there my friend.

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