Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow

Would that it were so easy….sadly these days the yellow snow is everywhere you look, and worse, everywhere you breath. For most people this mainly means a lot of car washing, but for someone who works outside it means lots of car (and truck) washing, headaches, messed up sinuses, and now a sore throat. Joy.

On the plus side, my time dealing with this is coming to an end. By Monday I’ll have to have decided whether I’ll be staying at my job for one more month or two. Either way it’s too far off, but at least there’s an end in sight now. Once this decision gets made I’ve only got to worry about little things like if we’ll move, when we’d move, and where I’ll be working next. Minor stuff, right?

Oy, enough typing for tonight. I’ve got another long day tomorrow, but Thursday and Friday are looking pretty good from here, just a little busy. But when aren’t things busy anymore? At least things stay interesting that way.


~ by Jason B on March 27, 2007.

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