And Then There Was One

Tomorrow is my last day at work.

Please don’t ask me how I feel about this, as I don’t even know myself. It’s great in the sense that I’m making my big move and am stepping out in faith…seizing the opportunity to do something different with my life instead of just blindly taking things as they come day-to-day. There is a sense of sadness, although I think that most of that comes from the move overall, and not from my job. There are a few customers that I liked and will miss seeing, but I’ve had too many “good” customers that turned on me after seeing a single bug or somesuch to put a large amount of faith in the continued “goodness” of most any of them (with a few exceptions). As for people at the office, there are some who’ve been nice to me that I’m friendly with, but the only one I could possibly see staying in some sort of contact with is an old manager, but even that is doubtful. After he left our office we rarely talked, and even then it’s mainly just when he has work bring him over our way.

My last day isn’t even going to be a very typical day, so that’s another level of weirdness here. I’ve only got one stop left to take care of, with the possibility of an additional callback or two that came in over the weekend. After that it’s just a matter of getting the personal stuff out of my truck, going over next month’s tickets to make sure the transition is as smooth as I can make it, and then whatever else my boss has in mind. I figure there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll be back home by lunchtime. I have no expectation for any type of goodbye party or anything of that nature. I’ve seen plenty of people leave our office under all sorts of circumstances. Some had been there a short time and others a good bit longer than me, and there’s never been much of any ceremony to those who leave, baring changes in the top-level management, and even then it isn’t much.

So this is how the world ends…with a whimper, not a bang. In ice, not in fire. With a light day where halfway through I’ll just disappear from the office.

Should be interesting.


~ by Jason B on April 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “And Then There Was One”

  1. Good luck… it *will* be a strange day as mine was on the 12th of April… like I say, good luck… be strong.

  2. time for an update! especially now that you live in another city and we won’t be able to get together to catch up…I gotta have some way to know what’s up with you!

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