I’m A Social Butterfly!

Bet you never thought you’d hear me say that, but last night it’s how it felt. Since moving to Huntsville I’ve tried to make an effort to find people to hang out with, and I’ve actually been more successful at this than Treeva. Yeah, who’d have thunk? We’ve found a church that we like and that is looking likely to be our home church, and there are a bunch of great people there. There’s even a small group out our way that we’ve started going to, but that’s just the beginning.

See, I’ve found two other groups that deal with some of my interests. The first I found is called ‘Free The Hops’. It’s a group that is working to loosen the restrictive beer laws in Alabama, one of the last two states with draconian restrictions on beer content and packaging, as well as breweries and brewpubs. I joined this group at a benefit for Olde Towne Brewery, the only microbrewery in Alabama. Unfortunately the brewery burned down a couple weeks after we moved here, but it was an article about the fire that led me to both FTH and our church (which used to meet there).  Last week was my first FTH meeting and I met some friendly people, then last night Treeva and I met up with the group for about half an hour. I even remembered the names of several of the people I’d met. Go me!

We  could only stay there for about half an hour because we had to go meet up with my other group of new friends. I was introduced to this group by someone from church, and it’s really right up my alley. A group of gamers (people who play video games) who love Halo, called ‘The Hushed Casket’, or THX for short. Yes, X, not C. Think X=Chi, which avoids naming the group after the active ingredient in a certain illegal substance. I’d already been able to play online with these guys a couple of times, but hadn’t met them in person. Well, last night changed that. We met up with several of the guys and their wives at a local wings place and ended up spending almost three hours eating, drinking beer, and talking. It was a fabulous time and we all hit it off great. We’ve got a big LAN party coming up at the start of October that I was already planning on going to, and now I’m even more sure it’ll be excellent. Treeva’s looking forward to it as well, as the girls will be meeting up across the street to do girly things.

So there it is. Three groups of great people, and I actually initiated hanging out with two of them in one night. Yea for progress!!!


~ by Jason B on September 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “I’m A Social Butterfly!”

  1. Glad to hear things are going well!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!1

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